Hundred Best Hahas

Rolling Stone presents its list of the “100 Best TV Sitcoms of All Time.” Many of my favorites make the cut, including Daria (#92), Will & Grace (#81), Phineas & Ferb (#65), the Jeffersons (#48), the Golden Girls (#32), Fawlty Towers (#31), I Love Lucy (#4), and the Simpsons (#1).

Snow Day Misers

NYC’s Department of Education — already stingy with snow days — declares instruction will be remote [← WSJ paywall] on inclement weather days. On the plus side, DOE recognizes Indigenous People’s Day in place of “Columbus Day,” and adds Juneteenth as a day off.


MSNBC anchor Joy Reid drags Tucker Carlson for filth. Her delivery on this, [chef’s kiss] perfection. And for the nostalgic, Jon Stewart’s 2004 appearance on CNN’s Crossfire, showing just how much of a dick “Tuckums” has always been.

The Poll Worker’s Tale

I originally posted this as a Twitter thread, but felt I needed to post it here for posterity. —F Over the last couple of years, I had the privilege of serving as a poll worker here in San Francisco. Pre-pandemic, I planned on serving again this election. Concerns for my own health and safety led […]

Twenty Years Later…

I don’t remember exactly when, but it was around this time 20 years ago (Summer 2000) when I launched my very first blog, Fredo Today (or fredo today or fredoToday or whatever random stylization tickled my fancy at the moment). Through a couple of web hosts, a variety of blogging platforms, and a few domain […]