Day on the Ride 2019

Yesterday saw over 400 riders participate in this year’s Northern California ALC Day on the Ride (DOTR). This year, we got a brand new route on the peninsula covering 70 miles. Knowing I wouldn’t be able to complete the entire route, my goal was to get through at least half; I did about a third. […]

Transparency in Training

The challenge of riding 545 miles requires me to prepare as much as possible ahead of time. In other words, I must spend a lot of time in the saddle familiarizing myself with clipping into and out of my pedals; shifting gears to climb hills more effectively; and on and on. To that end, nearly every […]

Fall and Rise

Yesterday’s training ride, my second outdoor ride of the season, was a challenge. For starters, I used clipless pedals for the first time, but more on that in a bit. I fell several times on this ride — I lost count after a while — and the first fall had nothing to do with the pedals. I […]

Road Work Ahead

With my work schedule and many rained out weekends since the start of the year, getting in my ALC training is a challenge itself. This weekend, I finally hit the pavement for an organized 38-mile ride with my trusty two-wheeled steed. Sadly my quads gave up on me, so I didn’t complete the entire route. […]